3. september 2018

Second announcement

Dear colleagues,

Welcome to The Third European Conference on Domestic Violence (ECDV) that will take place on 1-4 September 2019, in Oslo, Norway.

Abstracts can be submitted from the 1st of October 2018 until the 1st of February 2019. Notice of acceptance will be sent by April 12th 2019. Presenters must be registered for the conference by May 15st 2019 or their presentations will be excluded from the conference program.

Abstracts for oral presentations, workshops and posters should be a maximum of 300 words. Abstracts for symposiums should be a maximum of 300 words per presentation. The introduction/frame of the symposium should also be a maximum of 300 words.

We welcome contributions that present empirical findings, engages with key (political or theoretical) debates in the field or describes new or promising service/practice developments.

Each participant can only submit, as first author, one abstract per presentation format.

The official language used throughout the conference will be English.

When submitting your abstract, please select one of the following conference topics:

  • Various forms of violence and abuse, including physical, sexual, psychological, economic and material violence, in a wide range of intimate/close relationships
  • The gendered nature of domestic violence
  • Young people and domestic violence
  • Children experiencing/exposed to domestic violence
  • Domestic violence and social inequalities
  • The intersection of domestic violence with other forms of harm
  • Domestic violence in migration contexts
  • Physical and mental health impacts of domestic violence
  • Prevention and interventions with those exposed to or at risk of domestic violence, including children and young people
  • Improving the quality and effectiveness of work with perpetrators of violence
  • Societal, community and individual responses to domestic violence
  • Domestic violence and the legal system
  • Multi-agency approaches to domestic violence
  • National and transnational policy frameworks for addressing violence in intimate/close relationships
  • Responses to domestic violence through international collaborations
  • The impact of political engagement in combatting domestic violence


Types of presentation

There are four types of presentation formats:

Oral presentations

Oral presentations will be limited to 20 minutes: 15 minutes for presentation of the key points from research or new practice development, and 5 minutes for questions and discussion. Four oral papers will be presented in each ninety minute session. The presenters are expected to arrive in time, not exceed the total time-limit of 20 minutes and attend the entire session.


Workshops are limited to 90 minutes. The goal of workshops is to provide interaction, learning and the dissemination of training and/or skills on a specific topic. It is not to be used for an extended lecture. Workshops should encourage lively discussions, stimulate the production of new ideas, and the participants should learn new skills. Abstracts must specify how participants will be involved in the session.


Symposium sessions are limited to 90 minutes and is organized around a common theme. A symposium must include 3-5 presentations in addition to the introduction/frame of the symposium presented by the chair. The chair is responsible for the symposium, for submitting the abstracts of the 3-5 presentations in addition to the abstract of the introduction/frame, and for ensuring that the presenters attend the conference.


Posters are static displays of work that will be placed on display boards for the duration of the conference.

Key Dates

Oct 1st 2018 – Abstract submission opens

Jan 10th 2019 – Registration opens

Feb 1st 2019  – Abstract submission closes

April 12th 2019 – Notification of acceptance of abstracts

May 15th 2019 – Early bird closes and the last date by which presenters must register for the conference


Questions may be directed to Ecdv-2019@ccnorway.no


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