26. april 2018


This conference is designed for researchers, practitioners and policy makers. Its main aims are to:

  • Raise the awareness of domestic violence, share research findings and practice developments from across Europe and beyond and discuss the implications for policy and practice;
  • Develop critical and valid research on domestic violence, across disciplinary and topic boundaries;
  • Promote the evidence baseinforming policy and practice developments relating to domestic violence;
  • Encourage networking between delegates to promote the development of new research, effective policy and good practice.


The conference will focus on:

 Understanding domestic violence

  • Studying various forms of violence and abuse, including physical, sexual, psychological, economic and material violence, in a wide range of intimate/close relationships
  • Exploring the gendered nature of domestic violence
  • Improving our understanding of how power structures and social inequalities shape the nature and dynamics of domestic violence
  • Understanding the intersection of domestic violence with other forms of harm
  • Investigating domestic violence in migration contexts


Prevention and interventions

  • Describing physical and mental health impacts of domestic violence
  • Promoting the evidence base informing effective prevention and interventions with those exposed to or at risk of domestic violence, including children and young people
  • Improving the quality and effectiveness of work with perpetrators of violence
  • Understanding the role of societal, community and individual responses to domestic violence, and how they affect victims



  • Improving multi-agency approaches to domestic violence
  • Exploring the national and transnational policy frameworks for addressing the structural nature of violence in intimate relationships in society
  • Improving the ability to understand the nature of and responses to domestic violence through international collaborations
  • Investigating the impact of political engagement in combatting domestic violence