16. januar 2019

Site visits

On Sunday September 1st you have the opportunity to take part in either a site visit or sightseeing during the day from 16:00-17:30. Addresses and information about public transportation on how to get to the site visits will be sent you in due time before the conference. The site visits are free of charge, and you register for them in the online registration form.

Oslo Barnehus

Oslo Barnehus is located in the city centre Of Oslo. Its key tasks are to organize the child forensic interview in police reported cases and coordinate, facilitate and provide follow-up of the child and family. The Barnehus is a multidisciplinary-model in development involving police, police lawyers, child protective services and forensic pediatrics. At the visit an introduction to the Barnehus model, including its foundational ideas, will be given and there will be a tour of the premises.

Logo Statens barnehus

Alternative to Violence (ATV)

Alternative to Violence (ATV) is a non-profit non-governmental organization that provides treatment and professional expertise on domestic violence. ATV’s threefold mandate is to provide psychological treatment, develop professional knowledge and disseminate knowledge on domestic violence. ATV was established in 1987 and is the oldest organization in Europe of its kind. Today ATV has 13 offices in Norway. ATV’s work is primarily financed by state and local governmental contribution. Participants will be invited to see ATV’s localities and to follow a presentation of the treatment approach, goals and activities of the ATV.

Logo Alternative to violence

Oslo Crisis Shelter

The Oslo Crisis Shelter, now a public service in the municipality, is the oldest and biggest shelter in Norway, and is located in the city centre. It has a live-in section and a day centre, providing a broad spectrum of services to women and children exposed to violence. Today, there is also a section offering shelter service to men. In addition, the shelter is running a 24/7 hotline, and provides services to victims of human trafficking, women under threat of forced marriage, women with substance abuse and women with mental health problems. At the visit, a presentation of the shelter will be given and you will be introduced to parts of the shelter.

 Logo Oslo Crisis Shelter