27. april 2018

Jane Freedman

Jane-FreedmanJane Freedman is Professor of Sociology at the Université Paris 8, and a member of the Centre de recherches sociologiques et politiques de Paris (CRESPPA).

She has researched and published widely on questions of gender, conflict and migration, with a focus on questions of gender-based violence against migrants and refugees.

Her most recent research explores issues of gender-based violence in the European refugee «crisis» since 2015.

Key note title

Gender-Based Violence, Migration and Refugees

Women migrants and refugees are vulnerable to violence at all stages of their journey, from the country of origin to the country of destination. This vulnerability should not be attributed to any essential gendered characteristics, but is rather the result of a series of structural and systemic factors including migration and refugee policies, structures of economic inequality etc. This presentation will analyse the causes of these women’s vulnerabilities to violence and will propose solutions for violence prevention and support for victims.

Download the slides from Freedman’s presentation (pdf)